Wolf Kingdom is a collection of 5555 uniquely generated 3D wolves, marking their territory on Cardano empire.
We are here to revolutionise the Cardano space by launching Wolf Kingdom Metaverse.

About Wolf Kingdom

Long before humans, there existed a powerful kingdom of wolves named Ulfrealm.

The kingdom enjoyed prosperity in spite of differences and minor conflicts among its clan leaders.

But all of this was threatened by a devastating invasion of undead Zombie wolves, that mercilessly ravaged anything that stood in their path.

Facing an imminent apocalypse, the remaining five wolf clans joined forces to retake their Kingdom and, thus, a battle for survival had begun.


Nov 2021


  • Website and Origin story
  • Robust Marketing campaign
  • Secure secondary market listings
  • Collaborations with other Cardano partners
  • Team AMAs
  • White paper release
Dec 2021

The Launch

  • Mint 5555 wolves - a few of them might be reserved for collaborations, giveaways and honoraries
  • Donation to Wolf Conservation Centre, NY
  • Wolf Kingdom 3D gallery
  • Website and Brand revamp
Q1 2022

The Kingdom

  • Wolf DAO release-Governance tokens and voting rights
  • Building the kingdom in Metaverse, it includes:
    • Wolf pack territories
    • Wolf breeding
  • Announcement of Metaverse partners
Q2 2022

Beyond the Kingdom

  • Exclusive NFT merchandise and action figures
  • Launching ‘Wolf Alpha’- our own crypto lending platform
  • 3D game in Metaverse, a long term vision of the team


Wolf Kingdom is a uniquely generated 3D art collection of 5555 wolves who are launching on Cardano.

December 11, 2021 at 15:00 UTC

The price will be 40 ada for presale and 55 ada for public sale

5555 wolves with a few reserved for collaborations, giveaways and collaborations.

Please use Daedalus / Yoroi / Nami / Adalite wallets to send your ada. If you send us ada from an exchange then your NFT will be lost.

Yes, there will be a whitelist for family wolves (OG)


The Team

Wolf King

Project Chief


Cyber Wolf

Blockchain Developer


Lead Wolf

Community Leader

@Alpha Tochi

Art Wolf



Art Wolf



Warrior Wolf

Game Developer


Badass Wolf